Our Mission

Our Mission is to handcraft meaningful jewelry 
that inspires love, connection, and belonging


You are someone who creates their own story. You’re unapologetically you. You embrace where you’ve been. And you’re intentional about where you’re going.

You're perfectly imperfect, warm and kind, forthright and genuine. A creative problem solver, you're quick to laugh at yourself. You brag about the people you love and lift those around you. You're delightfully authentic and unexpected, a bright light.

But sometimes your light flickers a bit. You are human after all. Any one of us can forget who we are amid daily demands, challenging life events, or difficulties we’re striving to overcome. It’s easy to lose yourself. And when you do, you can pull away from life.

That's why I began designing jewelry that calls you back to yourself. That’s where love and creativity begins. Using nature as my muse, I hand carve wearable botanical sculptures. Each piece is a reminder of nature’s promise of new beginnings, transformation, connection, and growth.

Wearing jewelry imbued with symbolism gathered from plants and flowers, and handwritten messages of love and encouragement informed by sentimental jewelry of a bygone era inspires you to come home to yourself. Each piece is created as a touchstone, reassuring you that what you seek comes from within. And it’s been there all along.

Because hanging back in the shadows won’t result in reaping the rewards of a life well-lived.

So remember to embrace yourself in all your glory and imperfections. Renew yourself again and again. Tend to your garden and you will cultivate love and belonging, magic and creativity. Feeling at home with yourself, you form more genuine connections with others, leaving the world better than you found it, just as you were meant to do.


"Love is the bridge between you and everything." -Rumi