Jewelry Care

All of our pieces are handmade using sterling silver and 14k gold that have been oxidized for an aged appearance and given a satin finish. Kristin Larson jewelry is easy to care for. Wearing your jewelry often will help prevent sterling silver from tarnishing. But over time, metals will naturally darken and lose their luster.


Clean sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry in warm water with a drop or two of non-detergent soap like Ivory or Dr. Bronner's. Rinse with warm water, and dry completely with a soft cotton cloth.

To restore the luster of your jewelry use the polishing cloth included with your purchase, or a soft felt polishing cloth.
Bronze is especially prone to tarnishing, and requires regular polishing.

Please do not use liquid, gel, abrasives, or other natural cleaners on your handmade jewelry. Doing so may remove the aged finish.


Chlorine and bleach accelerate tarnishing, and should be avoided.

Apply perfume and lotion before putting on your jewelry. Remove your jewelry before going to sleep or engaging in activity that may cause friction or stress.

Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night.


Store your jewelry in a cool dry place.

When you're not wearing your jewelry, keep it in a sealed plastic baggie to prevent scratching and tarnishing.

Before storing your jewelry long term, wash it with mild soapy water, to get rid of any oil from your skin, rinse with warm water and dry completely with a soft cotton cloth.