Soulful Jewelry

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Beautifully You

Genuinely handcrafted jewelry that celebrates who you are, where you are. Worn to revel in the freedom of being authentically you.

Heartfelt Reminders

Inspired by nature's wisdom, each collection is imbued with lyrical imagery, timeless messages, and enchanting gemstones. Our handmade jewelry holds deep personal meaning for those who wear it.


Bespoke Handwriting Jewelry

Featuring the handwriting of one you love. Each piece contains your unique and personal story. Worn to keep them close, honor a cherished connection, and provide comfort and peace.


Genuinely Handcrafted

Original designs carved by hand in wax and cast in 100% recycled precious metals.

We delight in the subtle imperfections and organic nature casting can produce. These are makers marks; evidence that each piece has been made by our own hands, infusing warmth and genuineness into meaningful jewelry that celebrates who are you.


It feels like a hug resting on me. I adore everything about it. Thank you so much.

Michelle - Garden Hummingbird Handwriting Locket

Kristin, you have created a piece of family history. It is a true heirloom. Recently, it was the anniversary of our dad’s passing and knowing that I was wearing such a special handmade necklace honoring him helped me get through the day. I wear it daily. Thank you for your creativity, your expertise and your assistance in helping my sister and I through this process.

Sara -Custom Handwriting Necklace

This is one of the most precious gifts I've ever received.

Brea - Passage Necklace

Thank you for being a part of gifting love to my loves.

Stephanie - repeat customer