It’s our mission to create soulful jewelry that guides you back to your true nature. Hand-carved elements of the natural world provide enduring messages that foster a connection to ourselves.




Hello and welcome, I’m Kristin.

You might be like me and know that being authentic and connected to who you are brings contentment and peace. It’s what allows your light to shine bright. And if you’re like me, you appreciate reminders that deepen that connection and bring you home to yourself; heartfelt reminders that encourage you to snuggle into who you are. 

That’s what led me to create jewelry imbued with lyrical imagery and timeless messages from nature, rich with meaning to those who wear it.

I’m enchanted by the idea that the language of plants and flowers is potentially the first form of human communication. This symbolic relationship to the natural world along with my own observations of Nature and the reminders she provides us through healing stories of connection, growth, strength, resilience, and restoration inspire the meaningful jewelry I create.

Nature is transformative. I translate her wise messages by hand carving them into little wax sculptures and turn them into jewelry.

The result is soulful adornments that provide inspiration, comfort, and connection. New heirlooms that carry your story. Reminders that you are part of nature, and her empowering qualities reside within you too.